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Hojicha 80g

¥432 税込


Hojicha is made from coarse tea leaves roasted at high heat to release a smoky. Roasted flavor, mildly-irritating and fresh taste is a match for any meal. The amounts of tannin and caffeine are relatively low, making it suitable for those with a delicate constitution.Tea leaves are roasted like popcorns in 200℃ of a ceramic klin for 30 seconds until the color of leaves golden brown. The roasting process using far-infrared heating removes bitterness and it gives hojicha its savory fragrance and delicious taste. Please enjoy the authentic taste of Hojicha produced by HAMASA-EN. #Best-before period: 180days #Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag implanted nitrogen <How to brew Hojicha> #Amount of Tea leaves 6g for 2cups #Amount of water 260ml #Water temperature 100℃ #Steeping time 30 seconds