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Gyokuro, Uji 80g

¥2,592 税込


Gyokuro is considered to be one of the highest grades of green tea in Japan. The first tea plantation began during Kamakura period (1185-1333) in Japan. During the period, people mainly drank pan-Fried tea (Kamairicha) and shade-grown tea (Tencha) is mainly drunk by people. However, Soen Nagatani of Ujitawaracho in Kyoto developed the method of steaming in1738. Because of the high-quality taste, color and flavor, Kahei Yamamoto (The first founder of Yamamotoyama) spread the method throughout Japan. Sixth generation of Yamamotoya invested the method of making Gyokuro, which became the "Uji method." The tea plants of Gyokuro are grown with reed screen and rice straw blinds to prevent from direct sunlight. The shade makes the gyokuro rich in L-theanine that creates special taste and color. Color of tea leaves is dark green and the size of one is bigger than Sencha. Please enjoy the Japanese tradition protected by HAMASA-EN and authentic taste of Gyokuro Uji. #Production Area: Uji city, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan #Best-before period: 180days #Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag implanted nitrogen <How to brew Gyokuro Uji> #Amount of Tea leaves 10g for 3cups #Amount of water 180ml #Water temperature 50~60℃ #Steeping time 2minutes 30 seconds~3minutes