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Genmaicha 150g

¥540 税込


Genmaicha is essentially a mix of Green tea (Sencha) and roasted rice. We select high quality green tea and roast non-glutinous rice at high temperature. HAMASA-EN blends green tea and popped sticky rice for a rich nutty sweetness. That is the traditional way of making genmaicha. The characteristic of Genmaicha is that it has a very pleasant roasted fragrance of brown rice and a refreshing taste. Please enjoy the good appearance and fragrant flavor of brown rice. #Best-before period: 180days #Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag implanted nitrogen <How to brew Genmaicha> #Amount of Tea leaves 6g for 2cups #Amount of water 260ml #Water temperature 100℃ #Steeping time 30 seconds