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Sencha, Hon-Yama 100g

¥1,080 税込


Hon-yama cha is a green tea grown in Honyama area with fresh and mineral-rich water in a Abekawa and Warashina River in Shizuoka city. We strictly follow the traditional production process of Honyamacha. The production process ensures the straight shape of tea leaves grown in slope of mountains with river fog. Length of steaming time is one third as short as other green tea. The tea leaves ensure the burnished gold color of water and surprisingly smooth mouthfeel when it is brewed. The taste of Honyamacha is preferred for connoisseur of green tea. #Production Area: Honyama area of Shizuoka city, Shizuoka     Prefecture, Japan #Best-before Period:180 days #Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag  implanted nitrogen <How To Brew Hon yama sencha> #Amount of Tea leaves 9g for 3cups #Water temperature 70℃ #Amount of water 180ml #Steeping time 1 minute 30 seconds