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Bancha 100g

¥324 税込


Bancha is extremely popular in Japan as everyday tea. This tea is made of green tea picked from summer to autumn season (second flush or third flush). The production procedure of Bancha is similar to that of Sencha but Bancha leaves are larger and coarser than Sencha. In other words, the difference between Bancha and Sencha is harvest season, size and hardness of tea leaves. We would like to recommend to make cold brew bancha because the taste is less astringent and it thought to be rich in polysaccharide which has antihyperglycemic effect. This cold brew tea is also a good source of catechin which has positve effects on cavity protection and fat metabolism. Compared to Sencha, bancha has less than half of its caffeine level, so pregnant and brestfeeding women can drink small amounts of bancha daily. Please enjoy the authentic taste and flavor of our Bancha! #Best-before period: 180 days #Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag implanted nitrogen <How to brew Bancha> ・Using hot water #Amount of Tea leaves 6g for 2cups #Amount of water 180ml #Water temperature 100℃ #Steeping time 30 seconds ・Using cold water #Amount of Tea leaves 15g #Amount of water 1L #Steeping time 6 hours in a refrigerator