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Matcha, Koicha 20g

¥1,080 税込


Matcha is a powdered green tea with a specific taste and water color. This tea is made from green tea whose plants are shaded from the direct sunlight with a large overhead framework of reed screens and rice straw named "Yoshizu dana" while 20 to 25 days before picking. The shade characterise the full-bodied flavor and color of Matcha. Matcha is made from "Tencha", shade-grown green tea leaves that have been removed wetness from surface of leaves by air after steaming and dried bit by bit in a special oven called Tencharo. Rich flavor is brought out by storing at a constant temperature and humidity fresh Tencha for six month longer. The matured tencha leaves are grinded into a fine powder on a stone mill. Please enjoy the Japanese tradition protected by HAMASA-EN and authentic taste of Matcha. #Production Area: Uji city, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan #Best-before period: 120 days #Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag implanted nitrogen 〈How to make Koicha〉 #Amount of Matcha 3g for 1 person #Amount of hot water 30 tp 50 ml #Mix up well Matcha and hot water until glossy by bamboo whisk 〈How to make Usucha〉 #Amount of Matcha 1.5g for 1 person #Amount of hot water 100 ml #Mix well Matcha and hot water