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Varietal Sencha, Shizu-7132  50g

¥648 税込


Shizu 7132 is a type of green tea having a cherry (=sakura) leaf flavor. There are two production ways whose are steaming or pan-frying. We steamed Shizu7132 to make you enjoy the aroma of cherry leaf when you pour boiled water into a pot. The special fregrance of the tea leaves is induced from aroma component called "coumarin" which is also included in Sakura leaves. Shizu 7132 includes more amount of coumarin than other types of tea. The water color is clear gold when it is brewed. Please enjoy the taste of pleasant sweetness and bitterness with a fragrance of cherry blossom when you drink it. ・Production Area:Honyama area of Shizuoka city, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan ・Best-before Period: 180days ・Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag implanted nitrogen <How to brew Shizu 7132> #Amount of Tea leaves 7g for 3cups #Water temperature 80℃ #Amont of water 180ml #Steeping time 1minute 30 seconds