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Oolong Tea, Tieguanyin 80g

¥432 税込


Oolong Tea, Tieguanyin is a type of oolong tea but it made from half-fermented tea leaves. The tea leaves are dried, pressed and rolled many times. Because of the process, the shape of tea leaves is round and it has shiny surface like iron. This oolong tea has slightly sweet taste and rich aroma come from roasting with charcoal fire. A study states that this tea has benefitial effects for constipation and cold constitution. Please enjoy the characteristic taste of our iron godness of mercy oolong tea and use it as a daily supplement for your health. #Best-before period: 540 days #Making a shipment of flesh tea leaves as an aluminium bag implanted nitrogen <How to brew Oolong Tea, Tieguanyin> #Amount of tea leaves : 10g for 3cups #Amount of water : 400ml of boiled water # Steeping time : 30 seconds or 1 minute