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Dongding Oolong Tea 50g

¥432 税込


Dong Ding is one of the most special oolong tea from Dong Ding area of Nantou County in Taiwan. This tea plant grows on the height 600-1200m. This tea is 20% to 30% fermented. It is made by a traditional method. The buds and tea leaves are wrapped in a cloth and they are tightly rolled and twisted into pea-sized pearls. A study shows that this tea contains antioxidants such as polyphenols, lavonoids and catechins which have positive effects on human health such as helping digestion, reducing the risk of heart disease and weight loss. Please enjoy the taste and flavor of Dong Ding oolong tea! #Production Area: Dong Ding area of Nantou County (Taiwan) #Best-before period: 365 days #Making a shipment of tea leaves as an vacuum package. <How to brew> Place 10g of dong ding oolong tea for 3cups. After pouring 400ml of boiled water and steep for 1 minute to 1 minute and a half.