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Artistic Jasmine Tea 5pcs

¥540 税込


Jasmine Tea is made of green tea flavored witgh Jasmine blossoms. Hence, it is not a herbal tea. This tea has a long history. The Jasmine plant is thought to be introduced innto China from eastern South Asia in ancient time. It has been used for welcoming guests in northern China. The taste of jasmine tea is slightly sweet and refreshing. Our jasmine tea include a bachelor's button. Hence, when you pour hot water into a cup, you can see that a beautiful flower appeared from the tea leaves. Additionally, Jasmine tea is thought to have antioxidant properties which detect and destroy harmful agents that can cause diseases. A study have shown that the odor of jasmine is a relaxing effect. The fragrance characterize Jasmine tea. Please enjoy taste, scent and beautiful appearance of our Jasmine tea! #Production Area: China (Fujian Area) #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew> # Amount of tea leaves : 1 jasmine tea ball for a teakettle #Steeping time : 2~4 minutes (Taste the tea at 30-second intervals to find your preference flavor after steeping for 2minutes)