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Chamomile 50g

¥831 税込


Camomile tea is a harbal tea. "Camomile" is from "Chamamellon" which means "earth apple" in Greek. This is because the flowery scent of camomile is similar to the scent of apple. A type of camomile can be classified into two types: German camomile whish is widely used as herb tea, Roman camomile whish is used as bath agent and staining. This plant can be found from Europe to Asia. The color of camomile flower is white. Camomile has been used as indigenous drug to relieve early symptom from long time ago. Studies have found camimile tea tend to have some beneficial components for relaxation, diuretic effect, antidepressant effect due to menstruation and menopause, anti-inflammation and perspiration effect. The taste of camomile is like sweet apple. It is good to drink with milk or honey as well. Please enjoy the flavor of our camomile tea for your self-care! #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew Camomile> #Amount of tea leaves : 5g for a teakettle #Amount of water : 180ml boiled water #Steeping time : 3 minutes