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Peppermint 100g

¥1,080 税込


Pepper mint tea is made from leaves of peppermint. Peppermint is prennials belonging to the mint family (Labiatae). It is native to Europe but nowadays it is mostly planted in the United States. The mentol flavor is a characteristic of peppermint tea. It makes peppermint tea one of the most popular tea varieties in the world. Peppermint tea has some benefits on your health such as treating headaches, stomach problems, improving digestion and relaxing the body and mind. If you want to sleep tight, we can reccomend you to put milk in peppermint tea when you drink it. Please enjoy the refreshing taste and flavor. #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew Peppermint> #Amount of tea leaves : 5g for a teakettle #Amount of water : 150~180ml boiled water #Steeping time : 3 and a half minutes