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Rosehip 100g

¥1,080 税込


Rosehip tea is an herbal tea made from the fruit of the rose plant. It is known for having high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A which support the immune system activation. You can effectively take Vitamin C by drinking rosehip tea because the Vitamin C contained in the tea is not easily destropyed by heat due to activity of the enzymes and Vitamin P. Additionally, rosehip tea has not only Vitamin C & A, but also Vitamin E, carotenoids and iron. Having a abundant nutrients, the rose hip tea is good for protecting skin, reducing inflammation, optimizing the digestive system. The water color of rosehip tea is deep red. It has a tangy and sweet aroma. Let the inner beauty of roses fill your daily life with tasty and healthy beverage! #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew Rosehip> #Amount of tea leaves : 3g for 1 cup #Amount of water : 180ml #Steeping time : 3~5 minutes