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Assam 40g

¥648 税込


Leaves of Assam tea are picked in Assam Province, northeastern part of India. The state of Assam is famous for tea-grown region with fertile farmland along the Brahmaputra River and high rainfall. This tea is one of the India's most popular teas across the world. Native assam tea plants had been thought to be found in only China until Robert Bruce, a scottish adventurer, found the wild tea plant in Assam in 1823. After assam tea was exported to England from India in 1839, assam tea has been drinked popularly and the production of assam tea has been increased. Most of assam tea is produced though CTC manufacturing method. CTC stands for "Cut, Tear and Curl." The tea leaves are crushed and granulated and by the CTC machine. Bacause of the process, tea essence is extracted from tea leaves in a short time. This tea is appropriate for the use of milk tea due to the strong taste and water color. It is recommended to simmer tea and milk and drink as Royal Milk Tea. Please enjoy the taste and aroma of our Assam tea. #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew Assam> # Water temperature : 97℃ # Steeping time : 1~3 minutes