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Candy 40g

¥648 税込


Candy is the generic tea name of tea produced from candy area which is historic city in Sri Lanka. This area is known as the first place of planting blck tea in Sri Lanka. Scotchman named "James Taylor" planted seedlings of Assam in the area and successfully cultivated for only 1~2 years. Candy tea is representative black tea among medium grown teas planted at altitudes between 1968ft to 3937ft above sea level. This tea has less bitterness and elegant aroma. The water color is raddish orange. The taste is not strong, so you can enjoy drinking it straight, ice tea, milk tea and lemon tea. #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew Candy> After pouring boiled water and steep for 2~3 minutes. A temperature of 97℃ is a good starting point.