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Darjeeling BOP 50g

¥831 税込


Darjeerling is considered to be one of the three most famous tea in the world along with Uva tea in Ceyron and keemun tea in China. This tea has a unique flavor. This is because that Darjeeling is produced in the finest high-elevation area in which the fog appears frequently due to the difference of temperature between day and night. The aroma is sweet called "Maskatel Flavor". First flush is conducted during from March to April. The aroma of first flush (leaves picked from March to April) is pleasant like new green leaf because the fermentation degree is low. The taste of second flush (leaves picked from May to June) is rich in flavor because leaves absorbed enough sunlight. Types of darjeering teas differs accoding to picking season. The water color is faint orange. Please enjoy the taste, aroma and color of our Dajeering tea. #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew> After pouring boiled water and steep for 5~6 minutes. A temperature of 97℃ is a good starting point.