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Dimbula 50g

¥540 税込


Dimbula is produced in the western slopes of the central mountains of Sri Lanka. The plantation area sits 3937 ft above sea level. This tea leaves are grown in medium and high grown area. Monsoon rain and the cold rey weather give the Dimbula tea unmistakable fragrance like a rose. Quality season is from January to February. The taste of black tea produced in Dimbula is midler than Uva tea. You can enjoy the sophisticated taste. The water color is bright reddish-orange. The mouthfeel is pleasant. Please enjoy the pleasant taste as straight tea, milk tea, lemon tea and ice tea. You can also make your original tea taste good if you put some fruits in tea. #Best-before period: 365days <How to brew Dimbula> #Steeping time: 2~3 minutes #Water temperature : 97℃