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Uva 50g

¥540 税込


Uva tea is recognized as one of the most famous tea along with Darjeeling tea and Chinese Keemun all over the world. This balck tea is produced in Sri Lanka (Ceyron) which is an island in the Indian Ocean. Uva is the name of area on the eastern slopes of the central mountains of Sri Lanka. The black tea picked in the area is also called "Uva."Uva tea leaves can be classified as high grown tea, medium grown tea and Low grown tea to the elevation of tea plantation area. The flavor of the teas produced vary greatly. High grown tea is produced more than 3937 ft up on the plantation.The strong sunlight, warm and dry days and cool nights give teas in the region an special character. Uva is a representative of high grown ceyron tea along with Dimbula and Nuwara Eliya. The quality season is from middle of June to Beginning of September though black tea leaves are picked by all season. Medium grown tea is produced from 1968 to 3937 ft up on the plantation. And low grown tea is grown at elevation of under 1968 ft.The pleasant fragrance like a menthol is a characteristic of Uva tea. It has the moderate bitterness and deep delicious taste. The water color is beautiful deep red. When you pour the tea into a cup, you may see the "golden ring" at the edge of a cup. This tea have good chemistry with milk, so it is good to use for milk tea. You can enjoy either the rich taste as a milk tea or special fregrance of Uva as a straight tea. #Best before period: 365days <How to brew Uva> #Steeping time : 1 minute #Water temperature : 100℃